‘’Stefi komerc’’ company from Vranje started its production activity as a small family company for the goods and footware in 1993. Under the brand name "Donna Line" in 2000, after the reorganization of the business facilities and the introduction of some new production lines, it has begun the production of female fashion footware.

The company activities are:

  • Production of the final footware ( primarly female) which covers 50% of the production volume. out of which 30% is for the domestic market and 70% for export.
  • The production of semi-finished products - the upper part of the footwear based on the basis of work for foreign partners from Italy (currently we are working for CASTWEST, represented by PROGETTI DOO from Belgrade and P & D SHOES from Belgrade (export of Italy), PEKO from Slovenia, Falc East as well as Geox. For these customers, we produce about 250,000 pairs of shoes annually.
  • Retail footwear (6 retail saloon), leather goods and leather products (5 boutiques selling shoes and 1 store selling clothes - boutique).


The investments over last years:

  • The up-building of the new factory
  • Purchasing of the new production machines
  • Purchasing of the lot and building of a new retail store
  • Purchasing of 4 retail stores
  • Furnishing and opening of four new retail stores in Vranje.


In the next five years, "Stefi Komerc" is planning to spread its production capacity by constructing of two business buildings and by furnishing its business facilities with new and modern machines. Besides the incredsement of the production for the domestic market, and the expanding of the retail net, the aim is the employment of new emplyees and the significant increasment of the production for the foreign market and the export to German, Polish and Russian markets.